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Name: Lucy Martin

Tel: 07511 493244


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Music with Mummy | Lucy

Who is Music with Mummy Lightwater, Bagshot and West End Woking?

Hello!  My name is Lucy Martin and I run Jolly Babies (0-1 year old), Music with Mummy (1-5 year old) and independent music (3-5 year old) classes in Lightwater, Bagshot and West End(Woking).

What do I do in my classes?

    • I run fun, stimulating and educational music classes for babies and children.
    • Classes are half an hour long (40 minutes for independent class) and focus on different educational themes such as Pets, Family, Weather, Toys, Transport, and Light for example.
    • I endeavour to be an important addition to the preschool learning a child is receiving elsewhere as well as educating on a range of musical concepts such as fast/slow, loud/soft and rhythm.
  • The songs that we sing are either specially composed for Music with Mummy or are old favourites and nursery rhymes that you would know.

How do I do my classes?

    • I only take 10 babies or children in a class – essential for this type of activity.
    • This ensures that the classes are personal (I sing to each child by name) and are fun and not over whelming.
  • I use a variety of instruments, puppets, parachutes, streamers, toys, balloons and ribbons to really make the classes exciting and enjoyable!

Why do I run my classes in Lightwater, Bagshot and West End?

    • I love making music with children!
    • I enjoy helping mummies, daddies, grannies and childminders make new friends.
    • I believe it is very important to encourage listening skills in children as well as promoting early speech and language development.
    • I love seeing the interaction and enhanced bonding between parent and child in these sessions.
  • I feel that developing a sense of rhythm and movement is the key to continuing with music through life.

“Begin a child’s journey into the world of music at an early age!”

Come along and try a music session for free!

(Normal cost of classes – only £5 a class. (£6 Independent class). Siblings and twins discounts. Pay as you go option available.)

Where can you find my classes?

Monday afternoons at St Anne's Church Centre, Bagshot

  • Music with Mummy at 3.15pm
  • Independent class at 3.45pm

Wednesday mornings at Lightwater Leisure Centre

  • Independent class at 9.25am
  • Music with Mummy classes at 10.05am and 10.35am
  • Jolly Babies at 11.05am

Friday mornings at West End Sports Pavilion

  • Independent class at 9.25am
  • Music with Mummy at 10.05am and 10.35am
  • Jolly Babies at 11.05am


I also do Jolly Babies and Music with Mummy parties. These involve lots of singing, movement, puppets, bubbles, balloons and much much more birthday fun! All at a very economical price! Contact me for more party details!


Lightwater | Bagshot | West End (Woking) Music with Mummy
"We have really enjoyed our time at your fantastic music class, which you make so fun and friendly. I will really miss my time there with Sophie. I will continue to recommend to all!"
Lightwater | Bagshot | West End (Woking) Music with Mummy
"Music with Mummy is such an enjoyable class. Each session is structured in a very fun and refreshing way, bringing in the change of seasons and holidays, such as Christmas and Easter.

It's so much more than a music class. I love the music, singing and dancing but especially the sensory aspects to the class, like using bowls and spoons to mix while singing a song about making a cake, having free play to choose various instruments to make sound are just a couple of examples!

Our teacher is fab, welcoming and always delivers. Evan absolutely loves every week and I enjoy my quality time with my little man...even though he has learnt how to poke his tongue out like the song we sang about a cat drinking his milk!

Thank you Lucy Martin xxx